June 19, 2024

Business Credo

My values, aims, and beliefs, as well as hard limits and non-negotiables when it comes to conducting business with clients.

~ 1 min

Absolute Transparency & Honesty

I believe in it, and I demand it. I do everything with total transparency. Every cost. Every deadline. Every line of code. Visible to all team members and clients at any time in the project. Creating amazing work is complicated enough already.

Invoices, not Paychecks

I left the employee paycheck life to create a business and take responsibility for my time and work. I did not leave to be treated like an employee with a client. Clients do not dictate my availability, core hours, or meetings schedule. Let's find synchronous and asynchronous cadences that work for both of us.

10% Overdrive

Sometimes I need to work late into the night to get the project done. However, I am who I am because I have a productive happy life outside of work. Therefore I restrict overtime to only 10% of the total project time.


We’re in this together. Let’s try to build a community, and add to the communities we are in.

Build in the End Game

All digital products have shelf lives and need maintenance. By acknowledging this fact as part of the process, I are able to create products that include the appropriate content management, cyclical improvements due to technology changes, and an estimate of if and when it is time to end the project.

No Equity

It is great to share in the ownership of a product, but equity creates too many unnecessary complications. What you pay me to research, what you pay me to build, you own fully. I believe that if you like the work, you will keep me included regardless of equity.

No Hype

Our industry is plagued by overenthusiasm and buzzwords. I focus on staying grounded to reality in my planning, while being visionary in my expectations.

Debt Free

My company operates without debt. I can not commence work until I have the money to cover my expenses, nor can I continue work without appropriate payments. For this reason, I strive to create a unique payment structure with each client that addresses my concerns and theirs.

The following is a statement of the beliefs that drive my work. They are not intended as a legal document, but rather to define the spirit and goals to which I aspire.

Adapted from my friend, Dave Jimison.